Facilities & Services

Our facilities are divided into activity zones dedicated to keep your children stimulated, and encouraged to explore and learn through play.

play garden

An amazing, fun, shady outdoor playgarden, dotted with a beautiful spreading old tree, dedicated to students to play, explore and appreciate nature, enjoy the fresh air and immerse themselves in a choice of activities… or simply to daydream while sitting on the old tree bench, wondering about the trees, the flowers, the birds, and all the beauty of Allah’s creation.

free play area

A giant chalkboard for free expression. Bicycles, water guns and soccer nets for lots of outdoor fun. And when the weather gets warm, a dip in the swimming pool for some cool time. All this, and much more…

Computer Room

This room is designed for the young & tech savvy. Children not only learn about new technology but they will also discover what the ‘ancestors’ of the iPad looked like.

First Aid Room

Our fully-equipped medical room boasts a full-time nurse and a visiting doctor.


Just as in every home where the hearth is the heart of the place, in our Kitchen too we share meals, learn the Sunnahs and etiquettes of eating and even dish out mouthwatering treats while learning to count, read and talk about healthy eating.


Ever wondered about the stars? Or the mystery behind rainbows? Or how the caterpillar turns into a butterfly? Wonder no more, for our Lab is the ideal room for your little scientist to explore and experiment, and find amazing answers to all those wonderings, all while playing.

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