Assalamu Alaykum

A new academic year has started once again at British Islamic Nursery, our third year now Masha ‘Allah.

Sending the child to a good nursery is a major milestone parents can’t wait for and dread at the same time.

It marks the time their baby is not so much a baby anymore, it is also for many moms the first time their child will be away from them.

So, understandably it can be a stressful time, filled with many interrogations:
“Is my child going to cry?”
“Will he make friends?”
“He doesn’t speak Arabic nor English will he be able to communicate?”…
And the answers are YES, YES and YES, Insha’Allah

Masha ‘Allah, children are very resilient and have the amazing ability to adjust to change faster than we do.

Young children are also less bothered than adults by language barriers, primarily because they don’t quite understand their mother tongue completely yet, so naturally they have mastered the art of interpretation they are used to reading body language and signs, understanding tones and unspoken words from an early age.

At British Islamic Nursery we always, tell worried parents that children understand one universal language: “The language of love”.

Once a child realizes that he is surrounded by people who love him, will care for him and attend to his needs while mommy and daddy are not around he will be happy anywhere Insha’Allah.

Now coming to the next big worry : “ Will my child cry?”

As painful as it might be to think of your little one, being sad, big tears rolling down his cheeks, know that it is not just a natural reaction it is also healthy for children to express their feelings.

Adjusting to Parental separation is an important stage of development; it requires patience and support from both families and care takers. At British Nursery we know that each and every child needs to reach that point at his own pace this is why we have developed “the British Islamic nursery Reception Program”.

Our reception program is designed to give each child the space and time he needs to settle into his new environment.

During the reception program, our teams are dedicated to make children feel confident, build new bonds and get familiar with the setting, their peers and the staff.

Our moto for this month is “Children first” and the key words are FLEXIBILITY, COMPASSION, PATIENCE and FUN.

However, despite our efforts and dedication families are the main actors of their children settlement. It takes a lot of work from parents to help a child overcome separation anxiety, this is why our moms and dads are welcomed to text, call and share their own personal anxiety with us at anytime.

Now, for those parents who are still undecided when it comes to enrolling their children in a day care, keep in mind that children who attend kindergarten have better social, emotional and personal skills, adapt faster to change and display a better success rate later in school.

Finally if you are wondering why you should enroll your child at British Islamic Nursery, the answer is simple unlike other institutions who promote their high standard of education, first class premises or outstanding faculties qualifications at British Islamic Nursery we consider those points to be the minimum requirement for any education provider, so again: Why should you enroll your child at British Islamic Nursery: because for us your Child’s education is not a job nor a service it is SADAQA JARIYA.

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