About the Workshop

This two days workshop in introducing Arabic calligraphy is dedicated to mothers and their kids who love learning new skills.

Participants will be provided with the basic tools and will be taught on how to use them. Our instructor will cover basics in practicing strokes and technique as well as cover the full Arabic alphabet.

Participants will be able to:

• Discover different types of Calligraphy
• Familiarize oneself with arabic letters
• Work on Roqaa style in more depth
• Form different size characters
• Learn how to hold the qalam

Arabic calligraphy written in roqaa style

About the Instructor

Malak Atkeh is a renowned Syrian artist who continues to dedicate her passion into her artwork through conducting calligraphy classes, workshops and exhibitions.

Some of the noble achievements that Malak's extensive work has attained are;

• participation in the 2005 Syrian Young Artist Exhibition
• participation in the 2015 International Competition in Arabic Calligraphy in Turkey
• displayed 6 paintings at the 2016-2017 Ramadan "Ayat" with Dubai Police Station
• participated in a 2016 workshop to show the beauty of Arabic Calligraphy at Dubai Mall in celebration of the first Emirati Phrases Book launch at Al Ramsa Institute

She has also taught at the International Writer Centre in Dubai and conducted a calligraphy workshop at the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children.

Sample work of Malak Atkeh

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