Getting ready to welcome Ramadan


It’s this time of the year again, Ramadan is just around the corner.


With only few days to get ready we have prepared a list of handy tips to help you get organized.


Family meeting

A week before Ramadan, hold a family meeting to discuss  what Ramadan is, set up family and personal goals. Discuss who will fast and who wants to try fasting few hours a day.


What is Ramadan?


To get make the best of this precious month start by getting in the right state of mind.

Watch lectures, ramadan sermons to remind yourself of the benefits of Ramadan.

Have daily bedtime story to explain that Allah (swt) revealed the Quran during the month of Ramadan.


Daily Dose of Quran


You might already listen to Quran regularly, but if not, now’s a good time to start!

Make it a practice to dedicate a special moment to hit the pause button and sit to listen to Quran with your family.

Get your little ones involved by making sure to include the surah they know in your listening list.


Increase Sadaqa


What  better way to get your kids involved, than giving sadaqa and most importantly understanding the importance of charity. Help your children make their own charity box, prepare a list of chores they can help with around the house to earn charity money.


Promote good deeds


Good deeds are not a seasonal behavior but the foundation of being a Muslim, however it’s important to teach children that  during the holy month of Ramadan good deeds must be increased. Encourage them by explaining that the reward of Good deeds is Greater in Ramadan.

Have a family “ meeting” to put up a list of good deeds , pack food boxes, donate some dates and water to your local masjid or start a collection for Ramadan or Eid present for children who may not be as fortunate as you.


Start a Book Club


Get together with friends, neighbors and family to start a Ramadan Children Book Club.

Meet once a week for a group reading on ramadan, exchange books, or even organise a group trip to the Public Library.

This will be a great way to not only learn about Ramadan but also to encourage reading.


Movie Night


Who doesn’t like to curl up on the couch with the kids for some TV time? Make a watch list of cartoons, documentaries on the stories of the Prophets, the Seerah, or stories from the Quran.

Learning Roots have a great collection of videos, you can also check out Muslim Kid TV. And

Iftaar Menu


Plan your weekly meals, get the kids to help select tasty and healthy recipes,

Why not spend some time making a DIY Meal Planner?

Use this opportunity to discuss the importance of a healthy diet.


Set up the mood


Make banners, hang balloons and get everyone involved prepping the house.

Arrange a “ibada nook” where the entire family can meet everyday to read Quran, Learn duas’ or simply reminisce about the greatness of Allah (SWT)


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