Assalamu Alaykum British Islamic Nursery families,

What a month Masha’Allah! The month of September was a short and intense one at British Islamic Nursery, but before going into the details of all the fun, the outburst of emotions and amazing activities we had this past weeks, we would like to take this opportunity to wish a warm welcome to all our new and “old” families.

On behalf of British Islamic Nursery entire team, Jazakum Allah Khayran for entrusting us with your little ones’ education and wellbeing.

We started the month of September like every other first month of Nursery with

“Mixed emotions”, like usual we had some tears of sadness and others of joy, old friendships were rekindled and new budding ones were made.

After just few days to settle down, it was Eid Time we had fun learning about, The 10 days of dhal hijjah and Hajj rituals, then Masha ‘Allah we had the great pleasure to welcome Shaikh Sajid Umar who made the honor to address a beautiful reminder on education and parenting to British Islamic team and parents.

Our Eid Fair was also a beautiful gathering where moms had a chance to meet with the team and also mingle with one another.

We were extremely grateful to all of our guests for bringing delicious dishes for our charity buffet (all proceeds were donated to Dar Al Ber Society).

During the Eid Fair Children had a chance to take a picture wearing Ihram in our Hajj Photo boot, we also had many other boots, a yummy Marshmallow sheep cupcake boot Zamzam well boot, a Eid Card boot. And that’s not all we had fun games too, a Giant kaaba jigsaw, a sheep blindfolded game, a Safa to Marwa spoon race and finally a Arafat mountain climbing game.

But this month was not all games and fun, it was also our Reception Month during which, children were given time to adjust to a new environment, and more importantly a new routine.

All our activities this month were primarily designed with one Idea in mind : “ Getting children to adjust to the routines of the nursery, social and make new friends and get overcome separation anxiety.

Stay tuned for more…..

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