A lot of parents are always worrisome when it comes to their kid’s first day at daycare, nursery or even at school. It still fills the air with mixed emotions, from the cries to the laughter of the kids.

The first day can either be a horror or a success for parents and mostly those who don’t prepare their kids for the big day fail to make this a beautiful memory for their kids.

So here are some practical tips that parents can consider when preparing their children for their big day.

  1. Know more about the preschool/nursery or their premises

It is vital for the parents to get to know more about preschool/nursery in general so that choosing their desired institution becomes easy. Once decided, you must get yourself familiarized with their premises and even the admin, the staff, the teacher and everyone who would be there around your child’s learning progress.

With this, the next few steps will become easier for you to do.

  1.  Use the play and pretend strategy

Kids are naturally smart and creative, so make use and take advantage of their imagination. Being familiarized with the premises and people around the nursery of your choice, then you can start or apply the Play and pretend the game.

It is a process that will help your child get a sense of what he or she has to expect when the big day comes. It will significantly help you to quickly part from your child on that day. Do this two weeks or a week before the first day so that there would be enough time for your kid to get the vibe deliberately.

  1. Create and practice a goodbye ritual

Yes, try as much as you can in doing this routine with your child. One of the most significant challenges of the first day is parting away with your child. When they get the sense that they will be left alone in that place, their first intuition is to cling and cry to you.

Creating this routine will make a smooth hand over of your child to the nursery staff and saving you from being a monster from your child’s eyes for leaving her or him alone.

  1. Involve your child in more social activities

Encourage him to make friends, invite parents you know who would also be sending their kids to nursery soon. Your child will be meeting a lot of kids from different races once they set foot in the nursery.

Making your child easy going and social with others will make his nursery experience a very memorable one, and probably meet some lifetime friends.

  1. Take away your child’s worries.

Talk to them, let them open up to you. Ask your child what excites or worries him for his first day. Once you get his answers, then you can know what and how to create a positive result for him of getting rid of his worries.


I hope these concise and straightforward tips would help you in preparing your child for the nursery.

Umm Umar Khaled

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