Fast Food restaurants are everywhere, in the food court of your favourite shopping mall, in the street corner, and sometimes they even manage to come to our front door in the form of Promotional Flyers.

They generously “bribe” our kids with toys, and this is how they infiltrate (I choose this word carefully) our little ones’ brains and hearts.

We have often been tempted to stop by a drive-through on a busy day and pick up some fast food so that we don’t have to worry for our children to finish what’s on their plates or in their boxes.
Adding to the fact that those kind of meals are affordable and, what’s more, we will not have to wash any single dish.

We all encounter this dilemma sometime or the other. And we do it not because we don’t want to serve up healthy food for our kids but the idea of having to go through all the nagging and convincing for them to finish their meals makes it so hard not to do so.

So here are few tips to make healthy food more appealing to kids.

Who says healthy food has to be boring?

Be creative and add fun to your kid’s food. Put smiley faces on the whole-wheat sandwich. Spell their name with celery sticks. Try different things to make the food more appealing. Opt for colourful salads. We all know and understand that the more appealing food is to our eyes, the easier it is to eat it.

Make food educational.

Have your child draw different fruits and veggies that you have yet to get them to try. Talk about the colours and beauty of their artwork, and then, slowly introduce the idea of actually trying to taste these beautiful fruits they just drew.

Get them involved.

Sometimes the act of working for our own food can make us appreciate it more. You can take your child to the vegetable market or if you have a garden let them pick something to eat. They will be excited to eat what they just gathered on their own! You can also let them help you make the meal.

Start young.

It is much easier to introduce good habits early than to break bad habits later. As much fun as it is to see that baby go crazy over its first taste of soda or sugar, it isn’t wise. It is best to stick to healthy meals until the child is old enough to understand the importance of limiting sweets.

Set a good example.

As parents, our children watch us. From the time they were old enough to see, they have been watching us – learning us. They will follow in your steps. Though it may not come immediately, if you continue to eat healthy, chances are your child will follow sooner or later, Insha’Allah.

Teach your children healthy eating can be fun as well as good for them. They will grow up loving all the foods many teens turn their nose up at.

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