You’re a parent and not everyone is – so know you are well loved by Allah; and you should embrace this with great care, especially with the amanah (your child) given by Allah to you.

Having a child is, indeed, one of the greatest blessings of Allah upon His believers – and sometimes it is such a long pleading journey that ends with an answered prayer from Allah. Alhamdulillah.

As much as it is a great blessing, it is by far also a great responsibility that one has been given. Raising a child upon the Qur’an and sunnah may be a challenge but never is it a burden.

Raising them is one part while teaching them is another, but through instilling the words of Allah in their hearts and minds, this becomes a one way ticket for them to realize their purpose in life as well as to be able to distinguish what is right from wrong.

Here, I present to you 7 tips on how to get your little one engaged and interested in learning the Qur’an.

1. Be an example.

Yes, no other person can teach your child best but you. All your actions mean something to them, they learn from what they see more than what they hear.

Work well with your ibadah and your recitation of the Qur’an. See to it that whenever you recite the Qur’an, your kids are around because hearing you reciting it will get their attention which will then result to them even repeating the words you are reciting.

2. Develop the fajr time recitation.

What better way to start the day than with a daily dose of the Qur’an recitation. Indeed, there is an indescribable feeling of ease and relief whenever we hear the words of Allah – and believe me, it has the same effect on your kids.

Do your best to recite the Qur’an beside them while they are still sleeping. Do not worry if you wake them up with it as the words of the Qur’an have its own miracles and will eventually calm them thus, saving you from the early morning tantrums of a kid waking up early in the morning. in sha Allah.

3. Be a fun storyteller.

Grab a copy of a book which narrates some beautiful stories from the Qur’an and narrate these stories to your kids in the most interesting way you can think of. Make this time a play and learning time for you and your kid.

Be it a bedtime story or a daytime story what matters is that you are able to encourage your kid through these stories. Do it at least once a week, but make it grand that your kids would be looking forward for it each week.

4. Encourage them with the rewards.

No, I do not mean by treating them with candies or taking them out, but rather the rewards that one gets by listening to the Qur’an, by reading the Qur’an or by learning even a single letter from the Qur’an.

Tell them how it makes you happy that you see them learning it with you or how they please Allah by doing so. Kids love rewards so use this strategy.

5. Teach them the meaning of the verses.

The effect of learning the Qur’an goes deeper once the words and the verses are explained and taught well to the kids. So make sure that you are not just merely reciting the words to them and just making them listen to you. Explain what you just have read or recited to them.

Do not overwhelm them with many verses in one day but keep them interested that they anticipate to learn the next verses you would teach them.

6. Let them share what they have learned

Schedule a day where you set up a stage at the corner of your house and you all gather around to listen to your kid as he/she tells you about what he/she have learned the whole week from the activities you have given them.

If you are planning to make a hifdh out of your child, then this can be a great start by letting them recite in front of you, but remember if they fail to do so, never let them feel you’re frustrated rather encourage them by telling them how much you appreciate their efforts.

7. Make sincere du’a.

Even if you have done all the tips above, no one beats this last tip – to make a sincere du’a to Allah for His guidance, protection, love, mercy and blessing upon your child/ren.

No parent is perfect nor will you make your child perfect. We are all beautified by our flaws through seeking repentance from Allah. Sometimes, it only takes one du’a to change everything. You just have to keep the faith especially when it involves your child/ren.

My dear parent, always accompany your actions with a du’a to Allah, for only through Him and His Will can we ever be able to raise good and pious children. Instill the words of Allah in their hearts, and watch how beautiful this affects them as they grow. May Allah make your children amongst the saliheen who will be great instruments of spreading the word of Allah in this dunya. Amin

Umm Umar Khaled

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