Upper Foundation

One Step Away from School

Our school-readiness programme is designed to help UPPER FOUNDATION students adjust to the school environment in an incremental way. Along the way, gradually developing further self-sufficiency, personal, social and emotional skills to manage the ‘Big Kids School’. Our curriculum also ensures that children acquire the essential skills in literacy, language and communication in both Arabic and English, as well as acquire Numeracy skills. UPPER FOUNDATION is a major stepping stone towards future education. That is why our focus is to provide children with the best tools not only for reading, writing and counting but also those that inculcate the love of learning.

The areas of learning and development that shape our early-years curriculum are:



  • 1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • 2. Physical Development
  • 3. Communication, Language and Literacy
  • 4. Numeracy, Mathematics and Problem-solving
  • 5. Creative Development
  • 6. Knowledge and Understanding of the World

  • Our classes are EYFS compliant, divided into learning corners. Their specific design keeps children interested and entertained, encouraging independence and decision-making along the way.
    Our ‘Learning Corners’ are:

    • 1. Reading Corner
    • 2. Numeracy and Manipulative Corner
    • 3. Literacy Corner
    • 4. Arts and Craft Corner
    • 5. Play and Roleplay Corner


      As long as your child is in the right age group, we invite you to visit the nursery. For details  Contact Us 

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