Transitioning from Home to Nursery.

Starting kindergarten is one of the most important early milestones, one that can be equally exciting and overwhelming for both children and parents.
This is why our TODDLERS team is committed to making this transition as smooth as possible by providing a secure and stimulating experience, fostering a carefully prepared environment and taking into account each child’s individual needs.

The areas of learning and development that shape our early-years curriculum designed by the EYFS framework are:

  • 1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • 2. Physical Development
  • 3. Communication, Language and Literacy
  • 4. Numeracy, Mathematics and Problem-solving
  • 5. Creative Development
  • 6. Knowledge and Understanding of the World

    To these 6 areas we have added another integral area – Aquida, which covers the Islamic knowledge foundation for young learners.

    However, we don’t see Islamic teaching as a single subject. It is completely and systematically incorporated in all the 6 Areas of Development, because we believe that Islam is not just something you learn about but is something you live by. 
    From very early on TODDLERS will learn who is our Creator (SWT). In the LOWER FOUNDATION classes they will learn about Allah’s attributes. And in UPPER FOUNDATION they will start memorizing Allah’s holy names.

    Throughout these class levels children will be encouraged to develop a very strong bond with Allah (SWT), and a deep love for His Prophets and Messengers, right from Adam (AS) to Mohammed (SAWS). And all of this through a wide range of meaningful activities and act of adoration like daily group prayer.

    Our classes are EYFS compliant, divided into learning corners. Their specific design keeps children interested and entertained, encouraging independence and decision-making along the way.
    Our ‘Learning Corners’ are:

    • 1. Reading Corner
    • 2. Numeracy and Manipulative Corner
    • 3. Literacy Corner
    • 4. Arts and Craft Corner
    • 5. Play and Roleplay Corner

      As long as your child is in the right age group, we invite you to visit the nursery. For details  Contact Us 

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