British Islamic Nursery teachers were asked to talk about their experience working with young children, and what motivated them to join a nursery.

Below some of them have shared their thoughts.

The Best of Humanity 

 حين ينظرون اليك بأعينهم الصغيرة سترى كل براءة الكون و نقاوته .. لكل بسمة على شفاههم سحرها الخاص الذي ينعش قلبك وجوارحك ويبث في روحك السعادة والأمل ..هم أصل فطرة الإنسان الطيبة حين يتشاجرون ثم يعودون احبابآ بعد ثوان .. في قلوبهم حب للسعادة والفرح يعبرون عنه بطرقهم وأساليبهم الشقية اللذيذة .. هم فرحة الكون وإشراقه..  وكما قال ربنا سبحانه وتعالى زينة الحياة الدنيا

ادعو الله ان يحمي كل طفل في هذا الكون وان يرزق كل زوجين فرحة طفل يناغي في البيت باذن الله


When they look at you with their small eyes, you will see all the innocence and purity of the universe.

Every smile on their lips is its own miracle, it will refresh your heart and spike your emotions and inspire happiness and hope in your soul. 

 They are the origin of good human instinct even when they quarrel they will forget and forgive within seconds, love alone remains in their hearts. 

 They are the joy of our sight and its radiance .. 

As the Lord Almighty Glory declared, they’re the beauty of this life.

I pray Allah (swt)  to protect every child and to give each family the joy of having a child warming their home, Bi Idhnillah.

 – Teacher Ibtissam ( Arabic Teacher Al Rayan Class)

Born To be a Teacher.

When I was asked to write about the reasons that lead me to become a teacher, I had to look back at some of the darkest days of my life.

As a woman, I’ve always dreamed of becoming a mother.

We all have this plans and expectations about motherhood, it’s in our DNA.

Unfortunately a few years ago, sitting in a doctor’s office I was given a news that will shatter all those plans, “I was never going to bear a child of my own” 

It broke my heart to hear those words.

With tears running down my eyes I left the doctor’s office in a state of shock, my entire world, the vision I had for my future had just collapsed in a matter of seconds. 

But al Hamdulillah as it often happens during hard times, Allah (swt) sends you something to hold on to, for me, it was a book given by a friend,“The Seerah of Ummahat Al Momineen (RA)”.

When I reached the part about Aisha (RA), I was amazed to learn about the many students of Hers (RA) who went on to become prominent Islamic scholars. 

At that very moment, it was as if the heaviness in my heart was lifted and all my pain was instantly expunged. 

I started pondering about the meaning of my own trial, just like me, Aisha (RA), Ummu Al Mu’mineen, didn’t have kids of her own, but she taught Islam to so many.

This is how I picked myself up, decided to stop feeling sorry for myself, to accept Allah’s (swt) decree and to follow in Aisha (RA) footsteps by dedicating myself to teach this beautiful religion that is Islam.

And Subhan’Allah from the day I came to this profession I’ve felt a deep sense of fulfillment. 

Since I started teaching I’ve had more than a hundred children masha’Allah, each whom have left an unforgivable mark on me, even calling me “mama’ at times.

Al Hamdulillah, I go to work everyday knowing that my kids will say or do something that will make me realize how lucky I’m masha’Allah.

 When they recite Surahs it warms my heart. When they tell Stories of the Prophets it makes me proud. When they perform proper Wudu and Salah it humbles me. When they follow the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAAWS) it renders me speechless.

 Al hamdulillah, I am humbled that Allah (SWT)  chose such a noble profession for me.

 All I hope, for now, is that one day I will meet my Lord and see that He (swt) has accepted my work as saddaqa jaryah. 

Teacher Quratulain (English Teachers Ar Rayan Class)


A Learning Quest

 I started my teaching journey a few years back in Toronto, Ontario, first in the Early Childhood Education field and later as an ESL teacher (English as a Second Language).

Working with children has always been a career goal of mine but working in the UAE has been a personal wish. New heights were reached when I was granted the opportunity to teach young children at British Islamic Nursery, as I was able to achieve both goals.

From the start, my personal experience was nothing short of amazing. 

First, being a Muslim woman and teaching children who share the same religion as I, has been remarkably rewarding. I also realized that working at British Islamic Nursery helped me adjust to the Middle-Eastern, culture.

I even started learning few Arabic words as the Arabic language is as dominant as the English language is at the nursery.

I admire the willingness of institutions that work hard in helping preserve the culture and Islamic studies. 

 This February will be my 1 year anniversary at British Islamic Nursery and I must say, I am truly blessed to be able to teach, recite the Quran and provide Islamic teachings to the children in my class. 

Extremely humbled to be on board! I’m excited to see what the future has in store In Sha Allah!

 – Teacher Sadia (English Teacher, Al Firdaws Class)

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